Tribologen Maintenance

Tribologen Maintenance is a unique maintenace software for management of all preventive and reactive maintenance. The program has been custom made to satisfy the maintenance department's need for simple and effective tools.

Tribologen Maintenance is the tool that helps you stay in full control of what's been done, and what needs to be done. A small/medium sized company might use the software as a complete, effective maintenance program. A larger company might choose to use the software specifically for lubrication and service activity. Much effort has been put into making the program easy to understand and efficient to work with.

 Tribologen Maintenance part 1 of 2
 Tribologen Maintenance part 2 of 2

Tribologen Viskoteket Dimensioning

Viskoteket Dimensioning is a tool for selecting the right oil viscosity and grease, the correct amount of post lubrication, the optimal choice of intervals and the analysis of current lubrication.

Calculations that previously took hours can now be made in a few minutes with Viskoteket Dimensioning. Now you can use the same types of calculation models as the oil companies' engineers have been using for many years without having their mathematical expertise.

 Tribologen Viskoteket